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A Mother of a Writer

02 Apr

It’s slightly fitting that my last blog post here on ERE was about National Poetry Writer’s Month, and the April NaPoWriMo challenge. (In case you don’t want to scroll down and read all about it: It’s a month of daily poetry writing, from poets near and far. And they don’t call it a challenge for nothing.)

Speaking of challenges …

It has been a bit of maternity leave here at The business itself is up and thriving, and has the editor-at-large here wishing she had more hours in the day and could take on every single project that comes her way. But we have a few more years before Kindergarden arrives for her youngest, and that means a part-time gig.

She, I mean, ME … I mean, I … have been busy writing about said disruptive motherhood, which you can read about here.

But life and motherhood can take it out of you, and particularly my motherhood with a child with challenges, living far away from family and friends, and trying to juggle … well, you get the drift.

So NaPoWriMo seems like a good enough time as any to get up and at ’em. It is spring, after all. Time of hope and renewal and all that. Stay tuned, dear readers, stay tuned.