Resources for Authors

Considering freelancing? Already a writer? Check out these great resources to start down the writing path:

Writers’ Market
The bible for writers, it contains some of the most valuable information to help freelancers sell their work. It contains listings for more than 3,500 newspapers, magazines and literary journals with submission guidelines, websites and more. Get tips on how to find an agent and read interviews with published authors. Available in print and online.

Print offshoots: Novel and Short Story Writers Market, Poets Market, Children’s Writers and Illustrators Market

Poet’s and Writer’s Magazine
Emphasizing smaller publishing houses, this magazine has interviews, tips for marketing work and become a better writer. Available in print and online.

A freelance site that has been around since 1998, it offers a convenient freelance marketplace for writers, editors, graphic designers, legal professionals, marketing professionals and more. Freelancers view projects in their field and place bids on work. The site offers a limited, free membership and multiple membership options.

Starting in the late 90s, Elance offers freelance writers, editors, designers, marketers and more find freelance work. The marketplace uses the bidding process, and offers both free and paid monthly memberships.

Suite 101 is a Canadian company that markets quality-written articles on more than 400 topics. Unlike other online writing communities, Suite 101 writers apply to join the site and are hired on as a contributing writer. Freelancers accumulate funds based on the number of clicks on their articles and peer reviews.

Helium is another online writing community where writers are paid to write and publish articles to the site. Articles are peer rated by other writers publishing on similar topics. Helium is a great place to hone your craft and publish your work online.

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