Why Hire Us?

Editors have a unique vantage point
An editor can look at a project as an expert and an outside observer, viewing the project in a completely different light from its creators. Editors have a great deal of experience with words, which makes us capable of correcting errors, strengthening passages, and giving a writer helpful feedback. In the same way a mechanic works on cars, a doctor cures illness, or a DJ spins wedding favorites, an editor is here to provide a valuable and professional service.

Not always so, but we are trained to know the rules of grammar, and we have the books to look it up! A grammatically sound piece of writing is a professional piece of writing that readers will take seriously.

No-cost lattes
Once you enter into a contract with us, we’re here until the work is completed to your satisfaction. The upside is: we’re not a permanent employee. That means when hiring a freelance editor, employers don’t foot the bill for medical, dental, retirement, life insurance or coffee breaks.

In short, an editor can polish your words and give you a professional edge over your competition. Editors can see what the writer, who has already molded and spent a great deal of time with the manuscript, cannot see. We can take messy, unformed text, and mold it into a great piece of writing.

Writing Vs. Editing
Editing and writing are two distinct and completely different processes. Writing is the equivalent of constructing a birdhouse, while editing sands, paints and recruits birds to the grand birdhouse opening.

Some writers are fantastic editors, and some editors are great writers. In fact, most writers have to be good editors; they tend to edit a lot of their own work!

What about writers?
Hiring a writer should be pretty self-explanatory, but just in case:

  • Writers save you time. Why attempt to write content for a project when a professional writer can do it more efficiently and produce a piece of better quality?
  • Writers save you money. “Time is money” is a great adage, because it is true. Hire a freelance writer and get your writing project done, while your hands are free for other important tasks.
  • Writers are creative. Whether a project involves biographies of expressionist painters or ten tips to becoming a CEO, as artists, writers have creativity on their side. Creativity can generate all sorts of new ideas and concepts that will make a project grow into something exceptional.

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