There is a range of pricing for most of the services we provide. This is truly because each project is different and distinct, and some projects will require more billable hours than others. Contact us for rates on large volume projects.

Editing Rate

  • Copyediting $30-$35/hr
  • Stylistic Editing $35-$40/hr
  • Structural Editing $35-$40/hr
  • Proofreading $.01/per word or $2.50 per page
  • Fact Checking/Research $30-$35/hr
  • Rewriting $30-$35/hr


Editorial Packages

  • Full Manuscript Analysis from $40/hr

RUSH FEE 25% of the total cost


Writing Rate

  • Copywriting $18-$22/hr
  • Journalistic Writing $20-$22/hr
  • Creative Writing $22-$24/hr
  • Ghostwriting $18-$22/hr
  • Research $18-$22/hr
  • Rewriting $18-$22/hr

RUSH FEE 25% of the total cost


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